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Cartographica Helvetica


In order to make the journal more widely available and to support research, Cartographica Helvetica has been scanned and converted into searchable full text during summer 2009. The digitized journal has been published by (until 2016 known as However, the latest volumes will only be available with an embargo of twelve months.

The following main features are worth mentioning:

  • a simple full-text search
  • users can refine their search by using different filters
  • it is also possible to browse the contents of the issues
  • every page can be zoomed by up to 600%
  • every page and every article can be downloaded as PDF file

The service is available for non-commercial teaching and research, as well as for private use free of charge. To enter the service please go to either the table of contents, the author list, the subject index, the index of names or browse directly in e-periodica.

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