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Michael Ritter:

Topographic maps by Gottfried Jacob Haupt (1709–1760), copper engraver and art publisher from Augsburg

Cartographica Helvetica 50 (2014) 19–30


Gottfried Jacob Haupt is one of today's largely forgotten map engravers and publishers from Augsburg. In addition to working as a scribe at the city Bureau of Standards, he began producing maps around 1735. Besides several small maps serving as supplements to books issued by the publishing houses of Elias Baeck and Gebrüder Veith, Haupt also created approx. 25 larger maps for his own publishing house, some appearing as double sheets. Many of these works originated in view of the consequences of the war during that time, especially in Central Europe and on the Balkan Peninsula. Despite being highly up-to-date and bearing elaborate decorations – i.e. marginal images or comprehensive explanatory notes – his map sheets were not commercially successful. Thus, Haupt discontinued his map production during the late 1740s. However, his works today are sought-after cartographic rarities.

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