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Hans Harms:

August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome (1753–1833), author of trade and industry maps always in demand

Cartographica Helvetica 3 (1991) 33–38


Crome was born in Sengwarden/Wilhelmshaven. In 1779 he taught at the Philanthropin of Basedow in Dessau and in 1787 he became professor of political sciences and statistics at the Giessen University. He published his first economic-thematic map Produktenkarte von Europa with an explanatory text book Europens Produkte (Dessau 1782). In 1784 and 1785 the Handbuch für Kaufleute followed, containing several traveler maps in the shape of stripes, similar to those by Ogilby. The Groessen-Karte von Europa, later entitled Proportional Map, was translated into French, English and Dutch.

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